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Unidos Por Adelanto Mejor

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Resident Action
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These efforts proved to be critical in building trust and cohesion among neighbors. By Including people in actively supporting their own neighbors, CBI was able to build and strengthen neighbor-to-neighbor relationships, and begin creating a deeper understanding of individual and collective power during a time when most people felt extremely vulnerable.

The genuine concern and support that the CBI team showed neighbors during the COVID crisis nurtured an interest in continuing their collective work. The neighbors had strengthened bonds and became painfully aware of the severe disparities and adversity their community experienced as compared with some of the neighboring communities. They had a taste of what collective action could achieve and an example of the power they could apply to address any problem. These individuals were the first members of the North Adelanto Core Team and would eventually organize to address inequitable access to critical resources — with a specific focus on availability and access to clean safe water.

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