Our Stories

CBI’s agenda of building of residents’ capacities includes a variety of stage-dependent components.

Primary among these are:

  • Residents organizing themselves into a self-initiating “action agents”
  • Residents building and refining their capacities to engage with and influence decision-makers in the allocation of local resources
  • Changing local practices that have negative impacts on neighborhoods and/or work against safe and healthy communities
  • Educating decision-makers so that local priorities are informed by community members perspectives on local needs and resources

CBI’s expectations are modest. While residents will not initiate every policy, we expect that they will be able to influence policymakers and other key stakeholders at critical junctures in local decision-making processes

Further, they will be able to serve as effective liaisons to the larger community - actively engaging, raising awareness, and enlisting support. CBI’s outlook is clear and direct. Its intended legacy envisions communities that can act on their own behalf to advance  policies and practices that are informed by local perspectives and provide all with equal opportunities to thrive.
Our stories are designed to speak to the success of our work by highlighting both accomplishments and capacities achieved by employing strategies that exemplify one or more of the four CBI Pillars: Engagement, Leadership, Partnership, and Influence — which, when combined, constitute power.

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